Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Starting a large project

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to do an 8x8 hooked rug. The request was to have flowers all over the area and she wanted "Padula Flowers". That wouldn't be a problem, since all of my design are "Padulas", regardless of the subject I'm drawing. LOL
Yesterday I finished transferring the design onto the linen. Started picking the wool colors this morning and was happy to be able to use quite a bit of over dyed wool from my inventory. Tomorrow the dye pots will be steaming. I haven't calculated the amount of wool for the background yet, but I know it's more then a couple of yards. LOL
The plan is to hook the rug with # 8.5 and # 9 strips of wool. Here and there smaller cuts when needed. The motifs are designed for larger cuts.
After I load the pictures here and post the blog I'm starting to hook.