Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's finished!

Then it was time to do the binding. I over dyed 1 yard of wool. Cut my bias strips 3 inches wide and these 2 triangles are the left overs from 1 yard of wool. That's cutting it pretty close. (maybe a little to close for peace of mind). LOL

rug size 8x10


Brenda in WI said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. One large accomplishment.

Susie Shepard said...

Hi Monika, So are you saying you bound your rug with wool strips? Would you very much mind explain ing how you did this please? And Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!!!!

Jennie in GA said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you posted your link for your blog on FB I kept telling my husband about you steaming this giant rug. Then this morning to get to see it on your floor all bound. What a work of art. I love how it looks there on the wood floor. I love everything about this rug. Then I scrolled down and looked at all of your other project. You are such an artist.
I love the colors you chose.
So thank you and I am so glad I found your blog.

Gayle said...

Jaw droppingly beautiful - what an ambitious project! A beautiful design and I can imagine it in your room - being the center of attention! Well done!

Monika said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments about the rug.
I will post about binding in the blog soon.